My hero on and off the field.

Jason Witten,tight end for the Dallas Cowboys,NFL Superstar,but,what if I told you that he was a superstar on the field but better off the field ?

Witten is a tall,built man on the outside,but kind on the inside.He started the Jason Witten Foundation ,which donates money to children with some kind of disability.He has helped almost 150 children with his donations.

Witten also supports the Salvation Army,they give things to poor families.Every year he volunteers to serve poor families a Thanksgiving Dinner by cooking and serving it to them.

Another reason he is my hero is because of his football carrier.

He is a 4 time Pro Bowler and the all time Cowboys leader in catches.

His best achievement is the 2012 Walter Payton Man of the Year,for his on and off the field.
So,now you know about his life and his work,what will he achieve on and off the field?

The Game

It’s forth down  and seven at the Alabama 27 with 5 seconds left. TCU

trailing 35 -30.


With the National Championship on the line,here’s the snap .Weathers

the quarterback throws the ball. It jumps  in the air ,beutiful spiral.
In the back of the endzone ,the ball falls in Williamson hand diving in the endzone.

                                                            TCU wins  
36 -35


Spring Break

On my Spring Break,I went to Austin,Texas to see my cousins. I spent the night there.The next day, I went Frank Erwin Center to watch White Oak Roughnecks basketball team win the tournement. Then they got to spin the night at my house. we had a great time at the Zoo.I had an AWSOME Spring Break.

2013 New Year’s Resoultions

This new year I plan to do all of my chores,do much better in school and play outside more,ride my bike.Play my XBOX360 less. Watch tv less.Drink more water,drink less soda.Play better in sports.Don’t play with my ipod and minecraft as much.Go to church more,Go to sunday school.

                                                        Those are my new years resoultions !