Personal Description in Spanish


This is the #threefictionalcharecters trend.We are doing this because we have been learning how to ask people what they are like and what they like.It is important to learn about others and be able to describe others and yourself in Spanish because it is good conversation skills.                                                                                                                               Yo soy atractivo,cómico,perezoso y curioso. Mi gusta jugar futból americano y basquetból.

What is Illuminati? Blog Post

I am a few weeks in on my Genius Hour Project.So far things are going great.I have found out a lot about Illuminati? They were founded by Adam Weishaupt on May 1,1776 to oppose religion,superstition.May 1,2016 will be the 240th anniversary on the Illuminati?.Thats right,the Illuminati? is older than the United States!!I have found conspiracies about the Illuminati?They’re very interesting.There is no record of the Illuminati disbanding.They’re hundreds of “societies” trying to confirm they are the real Illuminati.I have much more research to do.I’ll be back next week.

My hero on and off the field.

Jason Witten,tight end for the Dallas Cowboys,NFL Superstar,but,what if I told you that he was a superstar on the field but better off the field ?

Witten is a tall,built man on the outside,but kind on the inside.He started the Jason Witten Foundation ,which donates money to children with some kind of disability.He has helped almost 150 children with his donations.

Witten also supports the Salvation Army,they give things to poor families.Every year he volunteers to serve poor families a Thanksgiving Dinner by cooking and serving it to them.

Another reason he is my hero is because of his football carrier.

He is a 4 time Pro Bowler and the all time Cowboys leader in catches.

His best achievement is the 2012 Walter Payton Man of the Year,for his on and off the field.
So,now you know about his life and his work,what will he achieve on and off the field?